Integrated Solutions

MVIS provides a flexible package of Integrated Solutions, available in a range of bespoke combinations to suit your requirements. The ‘off the shelf’ package is the Journey Time Solution (JTS), a comprehensive, cost-effective, stand-alone solution for short and long-term road works projects. It includes the VMS-A, two Vector Integrated ANPR cameras and is mounted on the innovative Solar Intelligent Platform (IP). The JTS enables road users to make informed decisions regarding how to minimise journey disruption.

Journey Time Solution(JTS)

skyhawk-Integrated anpr camera

MVIS’ Journey Time Solution (JTS) incorporates the latest software and hardware technology, providing users with a comprehensive cost-effective and stand-alone solution for short-term road works projects. It was developed in response to interest from a leading infrastructure services supplier, reflecting...

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Intellicone Sentry VMS

Intellicone sentry vms img

MVIS Aust. is able to supply the Intellicone® Sentry VMS, designed to integrate seamlessly with a very large number of compatible mobile variable message signs. The Sentry is a contactless sensor that can be positioned to detect vehicles or personnel...

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