Web Studio

Increasingly, the web is controlling the world, and our roads are no exception. MVIS has incorporated a unique sign management system, called Web Studio into its range of variable message signs, which rivals all other existing systems.

Web Studio means that from any WiFi enabled device – laptop, smart phone, tablet – traffic can be notified of situations in an instant. The sophisticated remote technology allows the user to survey a map of where their signs are located, then zoom in to closely observe and adjust the operation of each sign, in terms of what is displayed and component functionality. The user will even receive SMS and email notifications if any signs require attention or maintenance.

Web Studio also enables the monitoring of radar devices, which can be built into the solar-powered signs to help with traffic calming or data capture – the speed can be set and changed remotely and even scheduled in advance.

The VMS Web Studio system supplied by MVIS is ideal for users of multiple signs, such as police forces, local authorities and traffic agencies. At the touch of a button any number of the five-colour signs can be controlled saving travel time and cost.